MUSIC SHEETS - The Year That Was

The year's about to end but I think it's still too early to give a year end review or a summary of the bests of this year. However, there's this band whose first year in the industry has been successful and as promising as they are, the following year will  be even more. Everyone, meet An Honest Year

An Honest Year is composed of Matt Mckay (Vocals), Stephen Morell (Lead), Jon Pfingsten (Rhythms), Jordan Mitchell (Bass) and Greg Pinney (Drums). They are a pop rock band from Orlando, Florida but before they came together, they spent months rehearsing on Skype and Google+ band meetings. One thing great about them is that though they started making music together through long distance, it  was not a hindrance for them to create their own music. And now that they are together not just in spirit, their music keeps on growing.

The past year has been great for the band, they have been in a lot of shows, opened for other artists and been on music festivals (Warped Tour 2013, Deland Rock and Metal Festival Spring 2013) It will not be long before their name will be a staple in the concert scene. Also, with the release of their EP Moments, the past year has surely been a rewarding one for An Honest Year.

I'm sure you're dying to hear them so here are some videos from their Youtube account

They also do amazing covers! Here's a video of their cover of Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble

Staying true to their love for music An Honest Year has been living on hell of a year. And I'm sure the coming years would still be better. With their inevitable success, we'll be listening a lot more to them in the years to come.

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