All Access - My CinemaJam Experience: CinemaJam 2013

I was part of history!! The first outdoor movie and music festival happened last night at Circuit Makati and it was anything but AWESOME!!!

I had the best time! Movies, music, fun activities plus freebies!! It was probably one of the best events this year.

 The Police Eyewear booth was giving free water bottle for every like they get on Facebook!

 The Ideal Vision Booth was giving GCs and free popcorn!! Perfect for the movie

There was also a free baller id plus a map of the concert venue given at the entrance.

There was also a booth for Crizal Transitions which is the best transitions lens ever. Not only do they have UV protection in the front lens, they also have UV protection at the back. Plus their lenses are smudge and scratch resistant. Too bad, I have perfect vision so I don't need to wear glasses.

Then came the first wave of bands. The music fest was opened by Gracenote
Though it's not the first time that I have heard of Gracenote, it was the first time I got to watch them live. And they were pretty good. They did some pretty solid covers and their original songs were quite good as well.

Then they were followed by Moonstar88 who I really missed hearing.

There was also Itchyworms. It was my first time to watch them live and I admit I was surprised on how good they sound live. I thought they were not as good as they are on record but I was proven wrong.

After that, it's movie time!! The first movie Limitless stars Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro.

Limitless was action packed, fast paced yet dramatic and thrilling all at the same time. Fun movie to watch with a surprising twist at the end.

The next movie was a romantic comedy: Love Actually.

Love Actually is the English counterpart of Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. All movies are star studded and charcters are connected to each other. But Love Actually is the sweetest since it's real focus is love and how it is actually all around us. Perfect movie to watch outdoors, under the stars...

There was also the lighting of the giant Christmas Tree. Since it was almost December at the time, The tree was lighted to embrace the holiday spirit.

After the movies, the next wave of music came. Callalily and Bamboo!!

 Callalily was at their usual energy. No surprises there.

The highlight of the music fest was Bamboo. It's always a delight to watch him perform.

Bamboo's energy is really over the top. Plus him singing his most famous hits, he really is an icon.

You'll love this video if him singing Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah then transitioning to his Hallelujah.

After Bamboo, DJ Ace Ramos spinned to keep the party going. Though I didn't stay long after. It was a long day after all hose activities, music and movies.

CinemaJam 2013 was a blast!! I can't wait for the next one. I was looking for an adventure this weekend and CinemaJam was the perfect adventure for me. It was the best way to end November and to welcome December.

How did you celebrate the end of the month? Share them below or on twitter @iamthebluedevil


  1. Hi there! Cinemajam is happenig again this year...check out their website


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