MUSIC SHEETS - Back to the Native Roots

I've been listening to a lot of electric and techno beats recently. There's something addicting about that "spacing out" feeling it gives. But I think it's important that once in a while I go back to listening to rock bands (which I will always love).

So I was searching for new rock bands to listen to and lo and behold I found a great one! I was looking through the artists that will be performing at the 7107 International Music Festival and I came across a band that were quite new to my ears. Anyway, let us get to know more about Natives

Natives is a rock/pop band from The New Forest, U.K. They are composed of Andy White (Drums), Ashley Oliver (Guitar), Greg Day (Bass), Jack Fairbrother (Guitars) and Jim Thomas (Vocals). They were formerly known as Not Advised (probably the reason that they seemed new to me) and they currently have two EPs available in Itunes; This is Land and Stand For Something.

They've just released their latest EP and the best part is its available for free download! All you have to do is visit their website

The free EP consists of their song Going In Alone, Church, a cover of Foxex' Youth (my personal favorite!!) and an Egypt Lane Version of Going In Alone. Going in Alone is the first track of their latest album which will be released later this year.

As I've said, they will be coming here in the Philippines (yehey!!) this February for the 7107 International Music Festival. And they also have a U.K and Europe tour this March and April

If you want to know more about them visit their website or follow them on twitter or like their Facebook page. I am having the time of my life listening to their songs right now and I hope I can watch them when they come here to the Philippines.

Download their EP and tell me what you think about it! Share your thoughts below or on twitter @iamthebluedevil