SILVER SCREEN - Howl like the Wolf from Wall Street

It's Awards season once again and as always, I make it a point to watch, at least, most of the movies nominated. In that way, I could judge for myself if a movie is worth the award. Plus, it's a great excuse to watch movies which I love doing.

So first on my list is Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street. I admit I am a big Leo fan and I think he is one of the best actors. Leo's recognition from the Academy is long overdue. Even after giving out some of the best performance the world has seen, and for someone who has been in the business for so long, Leo's award has yet to be given. How can those people ignore the brilliant actor that he is? Anyway, before this turns into a rant on Leo's impending award, here is what I thought about the Wolf of Wall Street:

Wolf of Wall Street is based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort of the same title. Belfort, a young Stock broker learns from his new boss that the secret to success is sex and cocaine. But when the company he works for shuts down, Jordan is forced to work at a small time stock exchange company which is not quite as legal as the big time companies.. Using the skills he learned in Wall Street, Jordan instantly amaze his new co-workers. Now, the ever ambitious Jordan Belfort, started his own company, using the same strategy of embezzlement and fraud he got from working small time and the skills he acquired from Wall Street. Jordan's Stratton Oakmont (the company he put up) is the new talk of the town. What happens next is when Stratton Oakmont's success gets the better of Jordan and his partners.

I did not expect to enjoy this movie the way that I did but it was fun to watch. First,I don't quite get the stock market business but the movie was not intended to do so. It was a story about ambitions, dreams amd how far people can go to get it and what happens when people get too much of it. 

Also, this was probably one of Leo's best performances. Yes, he has played dashing roles before. And the character in this movie is an anti-hero which he also has done before. but there was something different about this one. Jordan Belfort's character is so anti heroic that one would hate him so much but still love to see him do what he does. It's like a when someone is about to do something bad that one would cringe at the thought of it and yet you'd love to see how it goes. Jordan Belfort has that charm in him. Or it was probably Leo.

The movie was very graphical. Yes, they did not shy from showing a lot of things and I love it when movies have no inhibitions. It shows that they are confident in their story plot and their actors. You see, before movies would have nudities and other vulgar things in the story so that people would talk about it. But in this movie, the vulgar parts are mere garnish to the whole dish. The acting was so good, one would even notice how much vulgarity is in it.

As I've said, Leo's Oscar is long overdue and a lot of people have been saying that with his performance in this movie, that award is in the bag. Although competition this year is fierce, I think he has a chance of winning.

I'm really rooting for Leo to win this year and I hope this movie is his lucky charm.

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