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As we all know, December is the time for our local producers to showcase their films. The Metro Manila Film Festival has always been a highlight for movie goers as all cinemas show only entries of the said festival. Every year I make it a point to watch at least one of the entries. Though I usually watch after the awards are given, just so I could have basis on what would be worth my money or why a certain film would win a certain award.

Anyway, this movie I'm about to give my two cents on dominated the awards night (It win 14 awards!). So, naturally, I got curious why. I watched it a few hours ago and here's what I thought about 10, 000 Hours.

Philippine Senator Gabriel Alcaraz is about to spill the beans on some politicians regarding a pork barrel scam. However, there are some in the position who are trying to frame him for the death of an NBI director to silence him. Alcaraz then flees the country with the help of a feisty reporter and runs to Amsterdam, where a former kidnap victim that he rescued awaits. Meanwhile his family is receiving the backlash of hist stunt act. Alcaraz must first find a witness that will help him clear his name before he can come home to the Philippines.

This movie is brilliantly made. It was very spot on and had just the right flavor. At first one would thought it was an action film since Robin Padilla, who is probably one of the greatest action stars in the country, headlines the movie but it was more of a political drama than action. If you are expecting an action film, you'd probably think pacing is a bit slow compared to the Robin Padilla action movies before. But here, we see a different Robin Padilla. An intense character that was portrayed in a subdued manner.

Another thing nice about the movie is the immense story line. The movie deals with the biggest political issue in the country and that alone created a heavy backdrop feeling. Mention the pork barrel scam and its as if there would be a dark cloud of aura in the scene. It was very poignant that we had a movie that deals with this issue. It gives the public a view of what could or had already happened. Exaggerated as it may be, these things sometimes really happen.

Another one that is commendable in the movie is Robin Padilla. Admittedly, I was not a fan until I saw Anak ni Baby Ama on a bus ride going home from Baguio a few days back. But his acting in that movie is different. In Baby Ama, he plays a loud, intense, gang leader out to seek vengeance, But in 10, 000 Hours Robin plays a senator out to prove his innocence. Both are very different movies, one is a full bodied action film while the other, a political drama. But what I saw that is the same in the movie is how Robin Padilla showed his acting skills. In Baby Ama, Robin showed how an action star could show depth and do drama. His break down scene in the jail is a heart wrenching scene. In 10,000 Hours, Robin is more of a dramatic actor who could do action scenes. But the brilliance of the dramatic scenes in both movies are what makes Robin Padilla shine.

Another one that should be commended is Bela Padilla. Bela plays the feisty reporter who helps Alcaraz flee the country. She then turns out to be more than just a persistent journalist out for a story but someone who has an ulterior motive in the whole scenario. Yes, her performance was not as stellar as the other cast but she plays a key role in the movie and I think she did great.

As with all things beautiful, there are flaws in the movie.There are some scenes that are too unrealistic and ridiculous. First and foremost, could a senator, even a former police officer who run for public office do all those stunts? Also, when your father, who was MIA for almost two years returns home, would you not run the moment he steps out of the plane? Or would you rather capture it in video using you phone? These are little scenes but it makes you suddenly think if this could be real or not. It breaks the momentum of the feeling that builds up inside you.

Another thing I could not help but point out is the acting of Cholo Barreto and Wyn Marquez. They play two of the Alcaraz children. How in the world could these two get acting jobs with the kind of acting they gave in this movie? Mas magaling pa yung mga taga Goin'  Bulilit sa kanila. Seriously though, these two need a whole lot more of workshops. Sayang ang effort nung mga ka-eksena nila. But thinking of it, their bad acting is just right for the other actors to shine. Yin would be insignificant without Yang.

Overall, this is a highly recommended film. I am now convinced on why they were the top dog this year. This is one movie that is definitely worth watching.

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