FROM THYSHELF - Walking in The City Of Sun

I have always been wondering what life was like during World War 2. In school, we've been taught how  the Allied Forces and the Axis powers fought, how the jews were persecuted. There are also countless movies about the 2nd Worl War to last a lifetime. But still whenever I read something that is about that time or is set in that period, I am still hooked to it.

So here's another book which I got from Netgalley. Netgalley is a great site for book reviewrs and bloggers. You get to have advanced reading copies of yet to be published books and in return you have to post your review. Pretty sweet deal huh?

Anyway, here is what I though of Juliana Maio's City of The Sun


Set in the beautiful egyptian desert, during a time of war and chaos, two foreigners, each with their own missions, found themselves in love. One in a mission to save her family from persecution, the other in an undercover mission for the government. City of The Sun explores how love brings together people and how love is one powerful weapon.

First, the things that I liked.

As I've said, I am always fascinated with war stories and this is no different. I really liked how realistic is the story told and how it was so close to actual events. Also I liked how the author used real people and actual events in the story.

What I also liked was how the love story was injected in such a tumultous setting. It was not forced or just inserted to say that there was a love story but the love story was actually a pivotal part of the story.

Now the things, I didn't quite liked

Pacing was a bit slow. If it was supposed to be a thriller, it was not spine chilling as I expected it to be. It was more dramatic than thrilling. I guess, I was expecting more

All in all, it was a great debut novel for Juliana Maio. Great story in such an amazing setting. Not as spectacular as other war stories but still a great one.

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