MUSIC SHEETS - A Native Red Jumpsuit Day. Natives and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at the Eastwood Central Plaza

As part of their promotion for the recently concluded 7107 International Music Festival which happened last weekend. I really wanted to go but I was not able to since I have classes on weekends. I really was looking forward to watch Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. There was a moment in my life when their song Your Guardian Angel was my own sound track and I'll admit that it hurts when I listen to it ( more to that story in the future posts...or not hehe). Anyway, the point is, they were one of those bands who really made an impact in my life and wouldn't it be great to finally watch them live?

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls brought Red Jumpsuit Apparatus last February 20 at the Eastwood Central Plaza together with Natives and at the Venice Piazza with Asteroid Galaxy.  The Natives is one of my new favorites and they were already featured here on the blog! So it was only natural that I rushed to Eastwood after work to catch two of my favorite bands. 

Check it out!

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!!!!

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus did not dissapoint! The same enigmatic rock that I listened to before still had that magic. There was a big crowd during their set, and clearly their fans never left them. And when they sang Your Guardian Angel, the crowd went wild. I admit, I was about an inch close to tearing up when they were singing but I held back and just enjoyed every bit of their performance.

After them came the british boys of Natives

I only have three songs of Natives on my playlist and I must say that I regret that I have not listened to them sooner! They were so great and they sound so amazing! 

After their set, the boys went to the side for a little photo op time with the fans...and I went on a little stalker side trip (hehe).

It was the perfect way to end a stressful day at work; listening to great music and watching a great performance. I hope they come back soon!