SPOONFUL - Shacking Up Snacks at Snack Shack

"A few days ago, I told myself that I would lay off meat and eat more vegetables. But for someone who is a natural carnivore, this is pretty hard to do. Also, my comfort food tend to be meaty dishes and when you're stressed from work, what better remedy is there than to eat?

Anyway, my sister was telling me about a burger place in UP that she claims is delicious and yet very affordable. Being the burger aficionado that I am, when I heard she said burgers, I was already making mental notes in my head to check it out. Then what made me decide to try it immediately was when she said "They have a branch in Sikatuna Village" Perfect! Since my office is just a corner away from Sikatuna! Thus, my no meat diet was broken.

Snack Shack is located in Maginhawa St. in Sikatuna Village. The place is quite small but it's just beside Savemore Anonas so it is not hard to find. The other branch is in Area 2 Roces St. UP Diliman.

What they boast of in Snack Shack is their freshly grilled burgers. And I can attest to that. I was there for lunch at 12:00 pm but they open at 12:30 and while waiting I saw that they were still mixing and forming patties that they were about to serve for that day. That's how fresh it is. Plus they also advise a 15-20 minute waiting time for the burgers to get done. 

Snack Shack occupies very little space. My sister told me that the branch in UP is just a small kiosk. The Sikatuna branch is a bit bigger with a bar counter and stools for customers who are waiting or for those who would like to dine in. 

I also love their brick accent wall. It gives a homey rustic feel that is just perfect for eating a good burger

 Snack Shack offers a quarter pounder at 70 Php and a half pounder for 130 Php. Then you can add on extra bbq sauce, cream cheese, blue cheese or whatever for an additional 20 Php per add on. I was waiting for quite sometime and is mightily hungry so I got their half pounder with extra bbq sauce.


Clearly it was worth the wait. The burger was so delicious and juicy. A half pound of pure ground beef, grilled to perfection. It was perfectly cooked in the middle but without losing all the juices and the flavor of the beef. The vegetables, though they are not seen in the photo, was crisp and fresh. The bbq sauce was smoky and sweet and one thing that made me enjoy the burger more is their bread. It was perfect for the heavy meat. It had the right density for holding such weight and absorbing sauce but without getting soggy. 

I enjoyed my burger so much but there was something missing that my tastebuds were looking for (yes, even after wolfing down a half pound burger). Snack Shack does not offer sides for their burgers. They serve their burgers as it is. No fries, chips, corn, coleslaw or whatever. It was probably due to space constraints but eating burgers is just not complete without sides. Even if your burgers weigh half a pound.

Hands down to Snack Shack.  One of the best burger places in town. I would still wait for them to offer sidings but yeah, their burgers are the best.

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