SPOONFUL - Dining at The Porch

I'm always on the look out for new places to eat. Not just for the purpose of this blog but also to expose myself to food. As someone who will be working in the culinary industry, this is very important. So tonight, we partake of a modern american style dinner. But the beauty of this restaurant is more than just its food. Let us enter The Porch by Casa Verde


The Porch is located along Anonas Ave. extension. It is within Brgy. Sikatuna in Quezon City which is quite known to be a food hub. The restaurant is by the same owners of Casa Verde, an American restaurant in Cebu (They recently opened a branch at the UP Town Center in Diliman). 

What I liked about The Porch is its homey feel. Who wouldn't feel right at home with its white washed exterior and picket fences. 


Customers are literally eating at the porch. The whole restaurant looks like a classic suburban style house. There were just tables set and what I also liked was that the chairs felt more like lawn sofa sets. 

They offer American style cuisine. Their menu ranges from steaks, ribs, burgers and salads. It's a real classic American menu. 


Their sampler set consists of baked potatoes, mozarella sticks and buffalo wings. The buffalo wings were mighty spicy which I liked but their mozzarella sticks were not as stringy. Possibly, it was already pre cooked and frozen  before service. The baked potatoes were also good. It was generously topped with cheese and bacon.


The glazed pork ribs were also good. The pork was tender and meat falls off the bone just right. Also there was a right a good amount of sauce on the ribs without drowning the whole plate.


Their surf and turf was a bit dissappointing though. The meat was cooked perfectly (medium rare) but as you can see, that is the actual serving size. Or maybe the plate was too big for one serving. The steak was served au jus but there was too much juice that the vegetables were almost soggy. The shrimp too was so overcooked, the meat adhered to the skewer. But it was flavorful enough.

It was reasonable priced as well. And I think I enjoyed the experience and the ambience more than the food. 

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