SPOONFUL - Eight Cuts Above The Rest

Loyal readers of this blog know how much of a burger lover I am. I think I have mentioned a few times when I was craving for a Big Mac so bad that I dreamt about it. So when there's a new burger place, it's inevitable that I have to try it. So a few days ago, a few friends and I went to 8 Cuts Burger Blends


8 Cuts Burger Blends is brought by the same people who gave us Burger Bar. What they showcase here is that you can create your own burger. You can choose what meat cut to use for your burger and what toppings to put. I think choosing your own meat is a clever idea. I have my preferences when I eat my burger. I like to have my burgers meaty and yet juicy. A 80-20 ratio of meat and fat is always good. Plus, I like my burgers how I like my steak; medium with perfect grill marks. And I was quite happy with how my burger was made. 

Unfortunately we were not able to try making our own burgers. Since we had to wait in line for quite a time, we were already so hungry the moment we were seated. We just tried some of  their own combinations and it was not as bad.

This is what I ate. The Hangover A breakfast burger. I always love a good breakfast burger and this is quite perfect. It's hefty enough to be a breakfast meal and would really cure you of a hangover. Though I got a double patty since, well it's double patty. The egg was cooked beautifully. The yolk was runny but the inly problem I had was eating the burger with my hands. Burgers are best eaten with your hands and the runny yolk makes it impossible to do so without looking like a baby eating his first meal. Still it was good.

Now these are what my friends ate:

The Piggy. A blend of pork patty with two bacon strips. For bacon lovers, this is heaven on a bun.

A double cheeseburger with spicy sauce ( I forgot the name of the sauce). For the classic lovers who wants a kick of something new.

A single patty cheeseburger. For people whose stomachs are less expandable than others.

And of course, a great burger always come with sidings. We ordered a classic skinny fries with jalapenos

The burger at 8 Cuts are probably one of the best in town right now. Though it's a bit pricey (spent about 400 bucks on my burger), the quality of service and of the food is not something they take for granted.

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