ROADTRIP - A Day In Majayjay

I love going to the beach. My family goes to the beach every summer. Beach is fun but it comes with crowd, sand (in places you don't want sand) and scorching heat. plus, the salty sea water instantly dries you up. And because the beach is too mainstream for us, this year, we decided to go swimming in a waterfalls, particularly in Majayjay, Laguna.

Majayjay falls or Taytay falls as it is also known, is this majestic body of water, that was developed by former First Lady Imelda Marcos as a tourist and vacation spot. I love swimming in fresh water since the water does not make your skin dry and sticky. Plus, no sand to get into unwanted places. We spent a whole day at the Dalitiwan Resort which is like the catch basin for Majayjay Falls.

(Photo from Laguna Travel Guide)
After a whole day of frolicking in the cold waters of Majayjay, we went to a nearby inn called Majayjay Bed and Breakfast. It's a picturesque small inn with a wide garden overlooking Mt. Banahaw. We were treated like royals since we were the only guests at the time. 

What I also love about the place was there was access to a brook. Immediately, my siblings and I went down the trail so we could wade in the water. 



We had a buffet dinner prepared by the innkeepers and it was amazing. The food was freshly prepared and nothing beats a tiring day followed by a scrumptious meal.






Majayjay Bed and Breakfast is really one of the best places to stay in Majayjay, Laguna.








The pictures does not do justice to how serene and beautiful  this place is. You have to visit it to see it.

Majayjay Bed and Breakfast is located at Brgy. San Miguel, 18B - Gozo Subdivision Majayjay, Laguna.

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