SPOONFUL - Arabela of Laguna

The town of Liliw, Laguna is best known for its slippers. There was one street where all slipper stores are lined up. On the way home from Majayjay, we passed by Liliw; to shop for shoes and slippers and to have lunch. The town of Liliw is like a page in an old book. Most houses look like they have been there since the Spanish era. But amidst the classical houses, is a restaurant whose bright orange sign acts like a beacon to hungry travelers.

Cafe Arabela is an Italian restaurant located at the heart of Liliw. it's quite strange to find an Italian place in place that screams 18th century Philippines.

Cafe Arabela is such a small place that a 6 foot tall person would have to duck just to walk inside. But aside from its small interior, what would greet you is the aroma of freshly cooked tomato sauce and toasted bread. The smell alone is enough to make you hungry.

Grilled Chicken Salad

I forgot the name of the pizza

Shrimp pesto

Dulce de Leche slice

Chocolate Chip Mousse Slice

The food and the service was good. The salad was crisp and fresh. The pesto was really good. The pizza was good but not extraordinary. The star of the whole meal was the dessert. Nice presentation, plate was well chilled and it was delicious Though it's not as exceptional but if you're nearby and you're craving for something Italian, Cafe Arabela is the place for you.

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