SPOONFUL - Way of The Gaucho

Gaucho - are residents of the South American pampas or Patagonian grasslands. A gaucho is the equivalent of the North American cowboy. The term often connotes the 19th century more than the present day; then gauchos made up the majority of the rural population. But today, we learn of a different gaucho. Gaucho is now more than just a South American rodeo.

Located in Robinson's Magnolia, Gaucho is an Argentinian restaurant that's barely a year in the industry. And they packed a few solid dishes in their menu that's quite interesting. My family went there last Easter and I must say, it really was quite a catch.

 The first thing that would capture your attention is the circular interior of the restaurant which makes the room look bigger than it really is. Plus, the chandelier is an eye piece.

Another thing that would catch your eye is their roasting area where their lamb, beef and pork is spit roasted

Now comes my favorite part, the food!!

Sugar beet and feta cheese salad

Meat pizza with black olives (I forgot the name of the pizza)

Roast meat sampler with lamb, beef and pork

Garlic fried rice (which is unlimited!)

 The salad was nice. The sugar beets add a good contrast to the feta cheese. The pizza was good. i love thin crust pizza. Thin crust pizzas make the toppings more flavorful. and who would want to eat more bread than toppings anyway?

The roast meat sampler was more than enough for us. The meat was so tender and flavorful! Plus their mint jelly and their chimichurri sauce was perfect for their roast meat. And their unlimited garlic rice was an added bonus.

All in all, Gaucho is a good restaurant; good food, good ambience. But the price is a bit steep. Would I return to eat here again? Yes but not as often since it is quite expensive.

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