FROM THYSHELF - Hollow City Tour

You know a book is good, when it ends and all you could think about is when will the next one come. This is exactly what I felt after reading Ransom Riggs' best seller, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Though there were some things amiss for me in the first book (Read my review here), it was still good and I was still yearning for more. So when the book was released, It did not took long for me to get a copy. Now, here is what I thought about Ransom Riggs' Hollow City

Hollow City follows Jacob and his new found friends right where we left them at the end of the first book. Jacob and the peculiar children are on their way to London, the peculiar capital of the world, to save Miss Peregrine who was trapped in her bird form. They search through different loops in order to find an ymbryne that could help their poor headmistress. Also, they were trying to avoid wights who were capturing other ymbrynes as well.

First, I have to thank my friend Arra of Style Reader who had my book signed by no other than Ransom Riggs when he was here last April.


This book was more exciting than the first one. It was more action packed and adventure filled, considering the fact that the whole point of the first book was about Jacob escaping his own world and entering a new one. The second book is now about Jacob and his struggle to fit in with the group while trying to save Miss Peregrine. It was pointed out in various parts of the book, how Jacob is debating whether he should stay because he really is part of the peculiar children or just because he like Emma. And I think it was pivotal that it was set during a time of desperation for them. The adversaries would really test Jacob's character and his disposition. Very good writing, Mr. Riggs.

Also, the cliffhanger surprise at the end was done just right. With Jacob finally affirming his peculiarity to his parents and the continuous search for the missing ymbrynes, it was enough for readers to want more of the story. It was just enough for anyone to wonder what happens next and to wait for the release of the next book. And I think that just proves that this is a good book.

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