Ahhh. The smell of a new book! It's equally enticing as the smell of an old book (bookworm problems).

Anyway, I got this book because the author had a book signing event a few months back. Unfortunately, I have classes that day and I would not be able to go.  But thank the stars because I have great friends. My friend Arra of Style Reader  had my copy signed. 


I'll skip the introductions and here is what I thought about Gayle Forman's Just One Day:

Allyson Healey's life is perfect. But on the end of her three day European school tour, he met Willem, a free spirited, street theater actor who asked her if she wants to go to Paris with him. Allyson said yes, an impulsive act that will send her into a whirlwind romance; one day with Willem in Paris that changes Allyson's life forever.

First of all, I must say that I am not a fan of love stories. I prefer action and adventure stories because I like to imagine myself in the story doing all those things; fighting crime, running from bad guys etc. But I decided to give this book a try and lo and behold, It was perfect for me.

I've always wanted to travel alone. I have always imagined myself, travelling and meeting someone and falling in love and the love story ends (or pauses) when the trip is over. This is what happens to Allyson in the story. And somehow, I can relate to her. Having a planned life (I plan my day to the very last minute), but always wanting to have those life altering impulsive acts.

I was really glad that Allyson said yes to Willem. Nobody wants to live a life full of what ifs and might-have-beens. Though what happened to her might be sad, I know that there is still hope for Allyson and Willem. I can't wait to read Just One Year to know more about their story.

Gayle Forman's use of William Shakespeare's writings is also brilliant. It was done in good taste and not just to brag about one's extensive understanding of Shakespeare. I really like how she related Shakespeare's characters into her characters

This book is speaking to me. Telling me to go and have the adventure that I always want to have. It's telling me to say yes to a stranger and just go live life.It's telling me to go even just for a day. And someday I might just do that and change my life in  that one day.

Gayle Forman is also the author of the best selling novel, If I Stay which is now turned into a motion picture starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

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