SILVER SCREEN - Faulty Stars

(I am writing this as I wipe tears from my face)

So last night was the premiere of the movie adaptation of John Green's best selling novel, The Fault In Our Stars.As I've said when I shared the trailer, I expect this movie to be real tear-jerker. And I was not disappointed.

Okay. The Fault In Our Stars is about Hazel and Augustus, both have cancer though Hazel is already terminal. They met at a support group and fell for each other. They go through life pondering about themselves and how they as cancer patients are side effects of humanity. Anyway, life kicked them in the ass when Augustus had a recurrence and finally succumbed to cancer but not before living his remaining days being the most amazing person Hazel has ever known.

First, I have to say how perfect is Shailene Woodley as Hazel. Shailene looked like she stepped out of the book as Hazel. She was brilliant. I just love how she looked so mature and independent but still managed to look like a princess when Gus is with her. I am so glad I haven't seen Divergent or it would be too weird to see her and Ansel Elgort together (Ansel Elgort plays her brother on the Divergent series).

This pretty much sums up what I think of Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters

That silly grin just made him the most perfect personification of a literary character. I know how the book kind of is the Augustus Waters show but seeing Ansel Elgort grin like he is Augustus Waters...actually scratch that. HE IS AUGUSTUS WATERS.  Ansel Elgort owned that character.

I have never seen a  book to movie adaptation done so beautifully. Though there are some things amiss I would like to point out but I am just nitpicking here. One, the letter of Peter Van Houten quoting Shakespeare about how the fault is not in the stars was not mentioned. Another, there were some scenes omitted like when Gus pissed his own bed or when Hazel met his sisters. Also, mid 2000s Natalie Portman was not mentioned. But I am not complaining. With or without those scenes, it was amazing.

There were some things from the movie that really hit me. Those were the same things that got me while reading the book.I won't mention what those things were because I'm sure you had those moments too while reading or watching it. When I was reading the book, my eyes, unwillingly, gave away and started to tear up. While watching the movie, my eyes were the same. The same moments in the book that made me cry, also made me cry last night. By the end of the movie, I was weeping like a baby. I had to walk out of the movie house bowed down just so no one would see how puffy my eyes were.

Perks of Being a Wallflower, another movie adaptation from a book, had a similar effect on me. However, after watching Perks, I realized that this movie touched my heart. But watching The Fault in Our Stars, it's lie the movie stabbed my heart a million times and then immediately caressed it as if saying It's okay to feel hurt and sad (Pain demands to be felt). But despite how sad the movie is and how sad I felt after watching it (It's like a part of me died with Gus), I enjoyed every single moment of it and would not even hesitate to say yes if asked to watch it again. Just like how Gus said in the book, You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have some say  in who or what (as the case maybe), hurts you. And really, I like my choices.



  1. Love your Blog Like to see reviews very much
    thanks for sharing

  2. I had read this novel and was waiting for this movie. Nice detailed review.

  3. Have seen a lot of promos and reviews for this.. the universe is telling me I need to see it! Thank you for a nice review.

  4. I heard so much positives from this movie. It makes us think that it's not the end that matters but the journey we have together and that's what both characters shared in the movie.

  5. You made very nice review here.I love your blog.

  6. It isn't showing on Malaysia's cinema. But my friend who has special screening last month said that it is really touching movie!

    1. It really is. Hope you'll get too watch it.


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