SILVER SCREEN - X-Men Days of Future Past Kicked Ass

Since I saw the after credits of The Wolverine, I have been waiting for this movie. This story line has got to be the most exciting part of the whole comic series.

Anyway, I was lucky to be one of the winners of Nuffnang and 20th Century Fox's giveaway. Last May 23, we were given an exclusive screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past and here is what I thought about it:

In the not so distant future, the mutants have been battling Sentinels that are out to destroy the mutant race and even humans who are helping them. It was a time of war. The remaining mutants must stop the cause of the war or forever lose their existence. Professor X and Magneto had to send Wolverine into the past to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask, the scientist responsible for creating the Sentinels. His murder would mean the capture of Mystique and they would reverse engineer her DNA to make the Sentinels almost impossible to defeat. Wolverine must seek help from the young Charles and Erik to help stop Mystique and save the entire future.

How exciting is it that the mutants from the First Class and the first three movies are in one movie? It was really great to see them all in. The first part of the movie was a bit sad knowing that most of the mutants we loved are all gone. But of course, we all know that Wolverine will succeed (he never fails) and all will be well. It was also great to see Scott and Jean and Rogue again. Though I've heard that most of Rogue's scenes were cut from the movie. And I got so kilig when Logan saw Jean Grey again. 

I have to say, James Mcavoy did an amazing job also Michael Fassbender. They clearly have the chemistry that Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen have. Hugh Jackman is amazing as ever (like Wolverine, he never fails). And I am just so much in awe how he gives life to Wolverine. I watched the original X-men cartoons religiously when I was young and Hugh Jackman really nailed it. 

Jennifer Lawrence was also amazing. Though Rebecca Romjin was a more vicious and tough Mystique, Lawrence did a good job in showing a young and naive version of the shape shifting assasin that we saw in the first three movies.

There are some things amiss though. One, the movie was a bit dwelling more on the past. Though it was stated that there was war, I wish the dystopian future was shown more to make the audinece really feel how bad the situation is. The escape of Magneto from The Pentagon had more screen time than the actual war itself. 

Also, in the original comic series, it was Kitty (Shadowcat) who will be sent to the past. And it was Rachel (Daughter of Cyclops and a Clone of Jean Grey) who will send her back.  But maybe since it will be harder for them to explain this in the movie, the time travelling powers were given to Kitty instead. 

Let us not forget the after credits scene, many believe that the blue skinned individual is Apocalypse. IS it really him? I guess we have to find out in the next movie.

Overall, X-men: Days of Future Past really kicked ass. Strong kicks that were enough to make us want more.

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