SILVER SCREEN - Maleficent is Magnificent

In the past few years, we have seen Disney classics re-imagined into live action movies. There was even one movie where there were two live action versions of it (Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror). Though both movies were based from one story, it was told very differently.

Disney, however, continues to spread its magic and decided to retell another one of its classic; Sleeping Beauty. Though this time, the story was told not from the point of view of the princess or the hero of the story but from the villain. Anyway, here is my review for Disney's Maleficent.

Before Princess Aurora was christened, so much has happened. Maleficent was a fairy, with very powerful wings.She was the guardian of the moor and no one dared to cross their kingdom. When she was young, he met a young boy who she grew to love when they got older. Little did Maleficent know that her love would betray her.The man she loved turned against her just so he could become king. Maleficent turned evil with hatred for the man who took her wings and his newly born child. However, it seems that the child she cursed has the power to turn her ice cold heart back to the way it was.

This is one hell of a comeback for Angelina Jolie (I believe her last movie was Salt). We are so used to see her play kick ass roles who jumps from helicopters while being shot down by machine guns that a Disney movie is so much unexpected. However, when the trailers were released, we saw how she really fits the role (the eyes,  the smirk, the cheek bones) plus, we know that she is an amazing actress so it was not so surprising that she did really good in this movie

Disney seems to be starting a trend with their princess movies. Their last hit Frozen, was noted for its statement that true love does not need a prince. In Maleficent, Aurora was woken up, not by Prince Philippe's kiss but by Maleficent's maternal love for the child of the person she hated the most. Again, Disney is showing that true love can be achieved even without a prince.

Overall, the movie was great. I expected a very dark version of Sleeping Beauty what I got was an enchanting tale of someone I know as a villain who turns out is also a hero. It's a magnificent tale of love and forgiveness.

Maleficent is now showing world wide. Starring Elle Fanning as Aurora and Angelina Jolie as Maleficent.

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  1. wait, aurora is maleficent's daughter? >XD

  2. Nope. Sorry, typographical error. What I meant to say was "the man who took her wings and HIS new born child.


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