SPOONFUL - Going Greeka

Waiting for seats in a restaurant is something that would annoy a person as impatient as me. But waiting for two and a half hours for seats is too much; even for the most patient person. Unless of course, the food is so delicious that it was worth waiting for.

So this restaurant made us wait for two and a half hours. Imagine how annoyed I was by that. But like I said, there are some that are worth waiting for. Let us say kalimera  to Greeka Kouzina.

Photo Courtesy of pepper.ph

Greeka Kouzina is located at SM Aura Premier in Taguig. They also have branch in Guevarra St. in San Juan. I admit that I am not as familiar in Greek cuisine.But this restaurant is probably one of the best ways to learn about it.

The meal started with a Fig roka salata

A refreshing plate of mixed greens, walnuts, sweet figs and cheese. Fig trees are abundant in Greece where they grow almost anywhere.

Next was my new favorite! Hummus with pita!
The pita was freshly made and the hummus was just excellent. It was so good we ordered three servings of it!

Next we had a beef souvlaki. Souvlaki,  a popular Greek fastfood, is a skewer of marinated meat.

We also had Mousaka which is like the Greek version of an eggplant parmigiana

and a Spanakorizo or spinach rice topped with feta cheese

But the dish that made the waiting worthy was their Arni Lemonato which was lamb that was roasted so well, the meat falls off the bone. It was served with pan gravy and a lemon butter sauce which only made the dish more delicious.

I've had lamb before but nothing as tender and juicy and as balanced as this. Most people don't like it because of its texture and smell but this was phenomenal. If I would to go back, I would definitely have another one of these gems.

Greeka Kouzina taught me that delicious food is always worth the wait.

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