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Last sunday, The first ever The Voice Kid Philippines Grand Champion was crowned. Lyca Gairanod, a nine year old girl from Cavite was hailed as the winner of the popular contest franchise. Lyca, a member of Team Sarah (Geronimo) bested thousands and thousands of talented young artist who aspired to win the said contest

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If you haven't been following the show (or have been living under a rock! Kidding!) you might rememberr Lyca as the kid who was singing Halik by Aegis on the promotional ads they did for The Voice.


Of course, Lyca's fans (including me) were thrilled when her name was called as the winner. She was amazing on the finale and she deserved every bit of that championship. But of course, the fans of the other candidates were not as happy (Well, sorry but you could talk all you want but she still won).

Anyway, I just want to point out a few reasons why Lyca was the clear winner that night. I mean, the other were good as well and as talented but Lyca was the sure front runner of that competition.

Lyca had the most text votes.

The winner will be chosen by text votes. Family, friends and fans have to vote who they think is the winner and lucky for Lyca that she had the most number of text votes.

Lyca's Cinderella story

We Filipinos love fairy tale. and Lyca's story is a real one. From scavenging garbage and junk to sell, she now enters the country's biggest singing contest and makes it to the finals with her golden voice. It's a fairy tale even an evil witch would find endearing.

Lyca's comparison to Ms. Nora Aunor

When Lea Salonga compared Lyca to the Superstar, everyone was went "yeah she is." It was not only because of her brown skin and features (Lyca indeed looks like a young Nora). It was also because of the simplicity but very heartfelt singing. Nora Aunor is known for her powerful but simple acting (her eyes does it all). And you can't help but feel the same way when Lyca sings. And then she was called The Little Superstar. 'Nuff said.

Lyca's finale number with Aegis

Lyca was first noted as the kid who belts the popular Aegis song on the blind auditions. It was fitting that she ends her stint on that show with another Aegis hit and this time with the band! It was clearly a defining moment. Though it  was clear that another contestant had the lead in the first two rounds, Lyca, made up for  it and caught up in her final song. Aegis songs are her cup of tea. It was very wise of her coach to choose that song for her.

To be fair to the other kids, they were good as well, Darren Espanto had the first two rounds in the bag but on the last round, he was not as astounding as his fans hoped to be. Darlene is a hit and miss. She wowed in the blind auditions and in the sing offs, but the girl on fire flickered into a mere spark when it came to the finale. Juan Karlos proved that he was more than just a pretty face. But sadly, his vocals was less than what was expected of him. Lyca was consistent learner. She was amazing at the blinds, in the sing offs and she also did well at the finale. Yes, she wasn't always the best but her consistency brought her to the top.

So with all those reasons, how can one argue that she does not deserve to win? Lyca is really like a Superstar. She shines so bright and that's what made her a winner.

Watch Lyca belting it out with Aegis

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