PIECES OF ME - An Act Against Humanity

A few days ago, the world was shocked by a news that no one could have ever thought of happening any time soon. A commercial flight of Malaysian Airlines was blasted out of the sky. Almost 300 people died as Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 went missing on radar and was blasted by a missile as it was flying over Ukraine on Friday morning.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed into Eastern Ukraine last friday and it was devastatting. Dead bodies and burning debris were everywhere. What was left of the passengers' belongings were also scattered. It was not a sight to behold. 




A few hours after I saw that horrible news, I saw an article that says Ukrainian rebels are claiming responsibility for blasting the Malaysian plane. According to nzherlad.co, a tweet by a known Ukranian rebel claims responsibility for blasting a plane out of the sky for flying in their airspace after it was warned to stay out of it.

After this incident, all flights have been staying out of Ukrainian airspace for fear of being the next target


I could not imagine how heartless of a person could you be to blast a plane full of passengers out of the sky. Why in the hell would you do such a thing? Acts such as these ar what starts world war. Also, just because a plane is in your air space, why in the hell would you blast it? This act of terrorism should be condemned. I really could not  understand why. This is a clear act against humanity. 

Today, there was news that Ukrainian rebels have taken the bodies of the victims and were taking them to God knows where. I just hope that whoever is responsible for this inhumane act, will be held accountable.