PIECES OF ME - Remembering Cory

It has been a year since Cory Monteith died. It has been a year but thinking about his death still makes me sad.

I have been a fan of Glee since the show started in 2009. I was part of a glee club in high school so when the show came, it was like reliving all those times I was in glee club. The show really did connect to me. Finn Hudson, the character played by Cory Monteith was one of my favorites. Actually, He and Rachel Berry, played by then real life girlfriend, Lea Michele. 

For me, what Finn represent in the show were those people who are really talented but so insecure and unsure of themselves because of what others would think about them. Finn was the quarterback of the football team, so he trying to be cool and all because he was the school jock but he also likes to sing and perform. He was afraid of what his team mates and the school would think about him because he feels he has a reputation to maintain. 

Last year, the world was shocked when the story came out that Cory was found dead at his hotel room and that it was because of substance abuse. I have heard stories before that he was using drugs and  there were also news of him checking into rehab facilities to seek help. So it was not as shocking but it was still really sad to know that he lost his battle.

For some weird reason, ever since his death I could not listen to him sing. I watch music videos of Glee on Youtube, I have albums of the show but I just can't listen to any song that he sang or he was part of. For some reason, it's still really painful. Remember the tribute episode of Glee for him ( Season 5, Quarterback)? It took me a while before I could watch the whole episode because I was afraid that I might lose it. And when I did get to watch it, I was crying my eyes out for hours. I don't know why am I so affected. It's not like I know him personally or have even met him but whenever I hear his voice sing, I would always feel sad because I know I would never get to listen to him sing another song. 

Anyway, this post is not to lecture everyone about his drug abuse or to celebrate his life or whatever. i just want to share that his death really makes me sad and that he is voice is terribly missed. So I am leaving this post with one of my favorite Finn Hudson ballads. This was from season one of Glee and he was singing this song to a sonograph of his supposed baby.