SILVER SCREEN - Transforming the Extinct

The first three Transformers movie, we followed Sam Witwicky (Shia Labeouf) and the Autobots as they try to save the human race from Decepticons. In the fourth installment of Michael Bay's action packed saga, we see what happened after the battle at Chicago. What happened to the Transformers and how is their relationship with the humans.

I enjoyed watching the first three Transformers movie. Though there were epic fail moments on those movies, it was still fun and exciting to see big giant robots battling it out. This movie was no different. Battle scenes were still very exciting and action packed and yet the flaws were still there ( at least they were consistent).

Also the movie was quite long. It was like seeing too much metal that after a while, it becomes boring. And there were so much fight scenes that you'd just feel tired and ask yourself when will the fighting stop. Though the fight scenes were done well, it was too much to handle.

Mark Wahlberg does not fit that junk collector-slash-inventor. He was no best actor material but i have seen Mark do some solid acting that you'd really be convinced it was a different person ( watch the movie Rockstar). This was quite lousy acting. Sorry.

Overall, I did felt good watching the movie but the movie was not at all good. Perhaps Michael Bay should have a really good solid storyline. Because that's what is missing. Not just for this movie but for the first three movies as well.

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