SPOONFUL - Bonding at Basty's

I've always believed that one of the best ways to bond is through food. It is something that everyone needs and that everyone can enjoy. And I always enjoy searching and trying out different places to eat and bond with my family and friends.

So here is what I think of another new discovery, Basty's:

Photo from theskychick.com

Basty's has been around since 2009. It's menu is a modern spanish tapas style plus they have a bar where people from around BGC usually go to after work to just unwind and have a cold one.

But apart from the bar, their spanish style menu is also something to look forward to. Here are some of their specialties:


Caesar salad

Beef salpicao ( my favorite!)


Their beef salpicao was really good! Of all the dishes I tried, it was the best. Their paella was also good. It was generous with its toppings and seafood. 

One of the things I also liked about  Basty's is the place is perfect for small gatherings. With all the stress from work, you'd want to go to a place where you can just eat, drink and chat with your friends before heading home. A grand rave party may be give you the best nights but the quiet moments are the memories that stay with you, and Basty's is perfect for those moments.

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