SPOONFUL - Bunch of Basil

Thai cuisine is one of those types where it's technically a melting pot of different cultures of its neighboring countries but still are a standout among others. Thai food is probably one of those who I will never get tired of eating.

This restaurant I am going to tell you about is one of those restaurants who does not need a lot of introduction in words but only in food. Their authenticity speaks for itself. Please say hello to Basil

Photo courtesy of micheatsandshops

We get on with the food:

 The best Pad Thai in town! Hands down to this dish!

This pomelo salad is quite interesting because of the grated coconut meat.

Yummy bagoong rice. A Thai meal should always have bagoong rice.

Green Chicken Curry!! I love how you could have the spiciness of the curry adjusted to mild to very spicy.

What I really liked about Basil is not just the delicious food but also the ambience. It seems you are in an exoticThai village with all those candle and the wooden floors.
I love it when restaurants not just go after the authenticity of the food but also of the establishment. It makes the experience more complete. I really need to get a better camera for documentation. The picture above does not justify how ethereal those candles in the boulders look like especially in the evening.

Anyway, Basil is probablymy new favorite Thai restaurant. Price is very reasonable and food is great. What more could I ask for?

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