SPOONFUL - To The Last Detalle

Friends! I found the ultimate hangout place! YES! and the good news is it's not that far and getting there is a breeze! I present to you DETALLE!

Detalle is the perfect after work chill spot. Located beside the Ortigas Home Depot (directly below the Anne Curtis and John Lloyd Cruz billboard in Meralco Ave), detalle is the perfect hangout place if you just to dine and chat with your friends and loved ones.

True to their name, detalle has put a lot of thought even to the tiniest details. Their placemats and coasters has patterns and guidelines for table setting details.

Now let's get to the food:

 Mixed greens salad. Nice blend of peaches and parmesan cheese.

 Margherita and Meathouse pizza. I love their thin crusts! It was crispy yet still chewy and toppings were generously applied.

The pan roasted chicken was also good. Though the mash potato was a bit too smooth. I would suggest less milk to give a bit more structure to it.

The house steak was cooked perfectly. See those pink goodness?? It had the perfect grill but still very juicy. Just the way steak should be.

Though prices are a bit steep, detalle is truly one of those places where one would enjoy hanging out. After all, there is no greater time to bond than while eating good food in a good place.

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  1. Looks yummy! Nakakagutom! Love their concept, too!

    Style Reader

  2. And their bar is pretty nice too! We should go here!


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