SPOONFUL - Bourbon State of Mind + My First Giveaway!

A few nights ago, ,I was invited by Rue Bourbon in Salcedo Village to try out their new offerings. Rue Bourbon, known for their Creole dishes and cocktails fit for a true Mardi Gras, has new dishes that would surely make your nightly hangouts a grand celebration

Photo from ivanmossesgarcia.tumblr.com

Rue Bourbon in Salcedo Village is smaller compared to its Eastwood sibling but I would prefer a smaller venue because it's more intimate and more personal.


First on their new menu is the sausage platter
It's three kinds of sausage with a honey mustard sauce and served with grilled corn. This is the perfect bar chow for your carnivore friends! Unfortunately, I was not able to save a picture of the dish. Also, we devoured it fast enough before we could take a lot of pictures.

Next is the wings platter


You could never go wrong with chicken wings. Chicken wings plus beer is probably one of the most gratifying food combinations ever!

We also had an oyster platter.


The oysters were served in three ways: one with barbecue sauce and tomatoes, with pesto sauce and a classic rockefeller with cheese and bacon

They also have three kinds of jambalaya: Seafood, Sausage and Chicken and Pork.


There's really not much difference between the three flavors of rice except for, well the toppings, but it was really good.

Bourbon street in New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras. And in Mardi Gras, one of the best sellers are their big mugs of draft beer. Rue Bourbon's flavored beer also come in huge glasses. And I mean huge glasses!


I am in love with my caramel beer!! I was almost done with it even before the other bloggers were there. LOL.
Plus they also have bombers!. It's shot glass of alcohol dropped into glasses of soda or juice. Hence, bombers..


Rue Bourbon's Way of Life:
I love the last line "We won't remember in the morning." Itonly means that you'd be sure to have a great night; so great that you won't even remember everything in the morning.

I had so much fun that night that I wan to pass the good time to you! I'll be giving away P500 worht of gift certificate to one lucky reader!

Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway I'll also be giving away also the beads shown on the picture! In Mardi Gras, beads are given to ladies in exchange for flashing their breasts.
Photo from foodandwinehedonist.com
There will be one winner of the gift certificate and beads. Flashing is optional :p

Contest is open to Metro Manila residents only.

Good luck!


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