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In every edition of Spoonful, I try to post reviews of restaurants that I have tried for the first time or recipes that I've tried or invented. But for this post, I'll be reviewing, not a restaurant or a recipe but a school. Yes, a culinary school and how good their curriculum and offers are.

So you may ask, how in the hell could I do this if I am not in the school? Well, folks, for the past eight months, I've been studying culinary arts. Not just for the sake to post a review but food is something that I really love to work with (I'm a Food Technologist, duh!) and it was really in my plans long before this blog to enter and study in a culinary school. So here I am studying and working at the same time.

Okay, Now let me tell you more about my beloved school:

Global Academy is founded by Chefs Rob Pengson and Benny Ledesma Jr. It first opened in Pasig in 2007 and in three years it has opened in Alabang, Timog and Makati making Global Academy the first professional culinary school to have 4 branches in Metro Manila.

In 2012, Global Academy was awarded by the World Association of Chefs Societies a Recognition of Quality Culinary Education. It only proves that Global Academy has met high quality international standards in terms of its curriculum and programs.

Global Academy offers Professional Courses (for those who aspire to be professional chefs) and Epicurean Lab Lifestyle Courses (the culinary science department of the school).

The Professional Courses offered are:

  • Certificate in Professional Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts (DPCA)
  • Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Diploma in Fundamental and Modern Professional Culinary Arts
  • Superior Diploma

The Epicurean Lab Lifestyle Course has a Chef series, where Chefs from the industry share their expertise in an intimate setup. They also have a One day- Hands on classes where the chef demonstrates and then students make the dish on their own.

For more info regarding their curriculum visit their website http://globalacademyph.com/

So, I took Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts. DPCA  which is usually is a four month course but since I have work, I opted for the Saturday class of DPCA. Yes, they offer DPCA on Saturdays but it will last for eight months (also for 8 hours/day instead of four) since it will be the same curriculum.

Okay, It was not as I expected it to be. I thought it would be like those cooking shows you see on TV, where the chef demonstrates and you take notes. But I did not expect that it would be like a real class, with assignments, quizzes and lab activities.

When I was in college, we would have lectures, pre labs and post labs discussion on every experiment. It was quite the same in culinary class. We'd have lecture first and then a demonstration. Then the chef would give us a briefing on what to do in the lab and then a debriefing after. Each of our dish was to be presented at the required time and judged based on several criteria. And I thought I was over those things after graduating college but I was wrong.If I were to describe it, I would say it was like Masterchef-slash-college lab day.

Don't get me wrong but it was better than I expected. I would probably be pissed off if I enrolled only to find myself in a cooking show. It was a bit challenging since I am working the whole week then I have to study at night for quizzes, or practice my tourne just to be prepared for Saturday's lab activities. But like I said, it was better than just watching someone do it.

Probably the most important thing that I learned at Global is it's core values. PRICE. P-assion, R-eliability, I-ntegrity, C-ommitment and E-xcellence. You must have the heart to cook and serve others in order to be a professional chef. Food is a service oriented industry. If you do not put your heart in your work, your customers would feel it. A professional chef is always willing to work especially when he is needed. The food service industry works in teams. It is not a desk job that would still function even if one is not around. You must also be an honest player and always admit whenever you made mistakes and likewise be proud of your successes. A professional chef is always committed to do his job and to finish whatever it is he started. Lastly, it is expected for a Global Academy student to excel in his work. The school gives us high quality education and made us fully equipped to face the real world.

Of course it was not all work at Global Academy. It was made sure that every lesson taught was both educational and relevant but still fun. Yes, there were lab days that I would just want to sleep after because it was so tiring but it was still fun because I get to do something and I enjoy cooking very much.

One of the highlights of the program was the restaurant week. It was a whole week of preparation and service where the whole class, together with the instructor, conceptualize a fine dining restaurant.

Here are some pictures from the Global Academy Wordpress account

From: https://ablinglobalacademy.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/restaurant-simulation-tre-notti/

From: https://ablinglobalacademy.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/restaurant-simulation-tre-notti/

From: https://ablinglobalacademy.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/restaurant-simulation-tre-notti/

It was one week of early call times and late pack ups, It was a glimpse of what we should we expect in the food service industry. Because really, the food service industry is very demanding. It was the best experience. There is nothing more rewarding when a guest leaves and tells you you'd done a good job. There were moments where some almost succumbed to the pressure but we still managed to push through that week.

As of this moment, I am waiting for a placement schedule for my internship. Yes, an internship is required for us to get a diploma. And I think it's really necessary because being able to experience how it is done in an actual working environment is something that can't be taught. Yes, there was a simulation but the real kitchen magic is experienced in a true food service kitchen.

All in all, I could say that I had the best time in Global Academy. Not only was I thought how to cook but also how to be a professional chef. I guess i could only say if the program is effective after my internship but I believe that the school, and all the training and lessons I had, has made me a competent cook.


  1. So proud of you Jut! Good job for achieving this dream of yours! :)

    Style Reader

    1. Thanks! I can't believe na internship na lang and I'm about to graduate again!


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