SPOONFUL - The Tomahawk Way

It's no secret how I love meat (my love for burgers is no secret to you, my dear readers). And when it comes to meat, there is no better way to eat meat than as chops and steak. 

A few days ago, I signed up for a Zomato foodie meet up. And boy did I enjoy the experience! Here is how it went down:

In those time that I frequent Kapitolyo for something to eat, I have seen Tomahawk Chops and Grill. I think I was even in the area and saw the place when it was starting construction. So I was quite excited when I got message of a foodie meet up. I arrived a bit late and when I got inside, I thought no one was there. The place looked really small outside (around 4-5 tables only) but the crew told me that the others are upstairs. It was quite spacious on the second floor and the whole place could probably fit 45-50 persons.

Don't let the view from the outside fool you! There are more seats upstairs!

Tomahawk Chops and Grill specializes in Southern American cuisine. So expect a little Cajun and Creole spiced dishes

Things got pretty serious when the first appetizer was served

Fried Calamari

Peach iced tea and premium iced tea
and then came another...
Chicken Tenders
and another
Onion rings

and another..
Buffalo wings

This baby back ribs were scrumptious! Tender and juicy meat!
Baby back ribs with mushrooms and grilled corn
Their grilled chops was one of the best dish of the night!
Grilled chop with dirty rice, coleslaw and mac and cheese
The grilled rosemary chicken was really good! and it was perfect with the mashed potato and dirty rice (carbs on carbs??)
Grilled rosemary chicken with dirty rice, mashed potatoes and coleslaw
According to one of the owners, Ellis, Fish and fries is one of his favorites. And I could see why. It was perfectly battered and fried yet still extremely moist and juicy.
Fish and fries
The Fried chops is a deep fried version of the grilled chops
Fried chops with dirty rice, coleslaw and fried
THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE!! The hanger steak was juicy and tender. It was perfectly grilled on the outside yet juicy and bloody on the inside. See those pretty brown and pink pieces? Yum!!
Grilled hanger steak with wine sauce
What I love most about the country fried chicken is that the skin is well seasoned and crispy yet the inside is juicy and moist. The gravy is good too!
Country fried chicken
As you've probably seen, most of their dishes are he served with rice. They have both plain rice and dirty rice but personally, the dirty rice is the better option (Dirty is the way to go!)

But if you're not a rice person and you're craving for pasta, they also have Carbonara and Bolognese.
Carbonara pasta

Bolognese pasta
They also have a Sausage and Sauerkraut dish that goes perfectly well with beer
Sausage and Sauerkraut

The owners of Tomahawk Chops and Grill

This huge sign was on the second level of the restaurant. It's as if the sign is ordering you to eat chops.

Well, I did eat more than chops. I ate a whole lot and frankly, it's something I would not regret.


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