VIRAL - The Most Heart Breaking Dog Video Ever

This has got to be the most heart breaking dog video ever!

A few days ago, Marcos Pimenta of Nova Lima, Brazil posted a video on Youtube  of his dog Othello on his last few moments.

Marcos is shown with a bite sleeve kissing and petting the canine as a vet euthanizes his faithful friend. The video shows Othello slowly slipping away as his owner looks into his eyes and pets him as if trying to assure that everything is going to be ok.

Watch the heart wrenching scene below:

(Translation: The last goodbye !!! Go in peace Othello Sadonana)

What is most heart breaking is that the owner is holding back his tears just to calm his pet. But he's done a poor job of doing so as in the last few moments, Marco loses it.

The description of the video says:
"Deixo aqui meu ultimo adeus ao meu amigofilho, companheiro, fiel escudeiro. Obrigado por tudo Othello"

(Translation: "I leave here my last goodbye to my friend, son, companion, faithful squire. Thanks for everything Othello")