SPOONFUL - Vittorio's is More Than Just a Steak House

One of the most common struggles of a restaurant is how to stand out from the others. Yes, you could be serving great and quality food. But if what you are offering is just the same as the others, why would people choose you?

A few days ago, I was invited to try a new steak restaurant in Kamuning, Quezon City. At first, I thought, hmm...steak again. But I still went and I am glad I did.

Vittorio's Steak House is located in Forab Bldg. along Kamuning Rd. It's fairly new (around two months) and it's not hard to miss since it's just almost a block away from EDSA.

Vittorio's is owned by Chef Victor Daluz and is named after his father Vittorio.

There are a lot of paintings around the restaurant. I was told that these paintings were done by students from Dolores, Quezon and Vittorio's is supporting these students by selling these paintings. The profit of the sold paintings shall be donated to the students.

The food served was delicious, Luckily, my stomach was prepared to eat a lot.

Chopped Noodle Salad
The salad was served with a miso dressing. The noodles is at the bottom of the dish and tossing the salad with the dressing brings out its goodness.

Lemon Fish Fillet
A classic fried dory with lemon sauce. The fish was crispy on the outside but still very juicy and moist inside.

The beef salpicao is tender and flavorful. It was perfect for me but my companions needed rice to complement it,

Garlic Butter Shrimp
See those bread on the side? It was perfect for dipping in the sauce of this dish! The garlic was not to overpowering but still very flavorful.

Thai Chicken Pizza

This is my new favorite! I have tasted (and experimented) with different pizza toppings (laing, bagnet, spanish sardines etc.) but I have never imagined a sweet peanut sauce on a pizza. It was perfect for the chewy dough.

Fried Calamari
These babies were served with a vinegar dip and wasabi dip. It was very crispy and tender.

Crab Shrimp Pizza
A seafood pizza! For those who like pizza but are not in born carnivores.

House Blend Iced Tea
I had about six or seven glasses of this!

Australian Rib Eye
Ah the steak! It was perfectly cooked! Perfect grill on the outside but red and juicy on the inside. It was like cutting through butter!

Baby Back Ribs
The sauce on the ribs was amazing. Plus the meat falls off the bone!

Porterhouse steak
Ok, If I was alone that night I could have finished this beautiful masterpiece alone. It was served with steak rice (which is the best thing that happened in my life). See those little toppings? Those were the cartilage of the steak that was fried like bacon and served on top! It was crazy good!

Hanging Tender steak
Again, a perfectly cooked steak! And those juice on the side. It was heaven on a plate!

Clam Pasta

One of the specialties of the house. The clam pasta had the right amount of heat and the right amount of sweetness and saltiness of fresh clams.

Banana Split
I don't really eat bananas but I can't resist the ice cream (My motto is: There's always room for ice cream). I ended up eating just the ice cream and the other toppings.

What sets Vittorio's apart is that it's more than just a steak house. Yes, the steak are their specialty or house favorites but the presence of the other powerful dishes on their menu just shows that the customer can get more than what they could hope for.

Thank you Open Rice for the invitation! And check out their newest app Open Snap.