RUNWAY - Baguio Chills

I love Baguio!

There is something in the city's crisp and "pine-smelling" air that just puts me in a happy and cheerful mood. Thus, I was inspired to post another OOTD (hehe)

 Jacket: 101 New York, Green Shirt: Giordano, Pants: Pinoy Basics, 
Shoes: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Socks: Mcdonalds

What I like about this jacket is the thick gold zippers. I love how it adds a bit of edginess to the khaki color of this piece.

Photo taken at The Mansion, Wright Park, Baguio City

Yes, those socks are from Mcdonalds. They recently sold striped socks for their fun run campaign.I didn't join the run though but I wear the socks even when I go to work. The bright red stripes are an instant color burst an outfit needs. I bought the boots from Chatuchak Market in Bangkok (Shopping Heaven!) It's really comfortable and just perfect for a stroll around Baguio City.

Photo credits to my sister :) She always take my photos and they look great. I guess the reason I am not a great photographer is because I am a better subject. haha!!


  1. Naks! In fairness, I saw that jacket and it's nice! I wanted to buy one for me pero for men kasi! :P

    Style Reader

  2. I was supposed to buy a different jacket but I saw this one and I just got to have it so I did. haha!


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