PLAYBOOK - Windy Chicago

Super late post! But here is my two cents on last December's run of Chicago in Manila


Chicago is one of the longest running Broadway musicals. Set in the 1960's, it tells the story of two imprisoned divas, Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart. They have the same lawyer who manipulates truth in order to win his cases. Chicago is a timeless story of passion, crime, jealousy and art.

You might remember the movie version starring, Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellweger, and Richard Gere. It was a spectacular retelling of the original Broadway version with its amazing choreography and spot on cinematography.

The Manila run was quite short. It was shown in the brand new Solaire Theater for less than a month which just made it something not to miss. It was a great show to open a brand new theater.

The play was quite a bit different from the movie. Yes it had the same story and the same songs but the play was much lighter and had a bit more comedy. You couldn't help but sing, clap and laugh with every funny moment. 

It was also different because unlike the movie version, it had no elaborate set designs and backdrops. It was just the band and a few folding chairs. The ensemble were just sitting on the side waiting for their number. It was simple but very tasteful. It was extravagant in its own way.


I hoped it would return here in Manila. It was something really really worth watching.



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