SPOONFUL - Be Italian, C' Italian

Italian food is probably one of the most celebrated food. Who doesn't love pizza and pasta? But there is more to italian food than flat baked bread and noodles. 

I ate at this restaurant located in City Golf Ortigas one night and I must say it was really really good! Probably one of the best italian restaurants I have eaten. Take a look at what I had at C 'Italian Dining.


Their first branch was in Angeles City, Pampanga. But thankfully, they opened a branch here in Metro Manila so it's more accessible to us here in the city.

Here is what I had:

Penne Roberto
It was a mixture of perfectly cooked pasta in a creamy  gorgonzola cheese sauce. If you're a fan of creamy pasta, this is the best way to go.

Cristina panizza
C 'Italian Dining boasts of their panizza and I must say that this is a testament to that. It was perfectly thin and flavors were just spot on.

Risotto Rustica
A creamy and tasty mixture of rice, mushrooms and artichoke hearts. I could eat this everyday and not feel guilty at all.

Rolls Royce Panizza
Another winnig piece. The scallops were cooked good, the sun dried tomatoes add the right amount of tartness to the savory bread.

Spaghetti con Frutti De Mare
This is the champion of the night. The pasta was perfectly cooked. The salmon was very delicious and very juicy. I loved every bit of it!

The prices were a bit steep but the service and the quality of the food is worth every penny. Also, the ambience of the whole place is very homey. It was very intimate and since it's not located in the busiest part of the business district, I would recommend it to those looking for a quiet but romantic evening.


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