ALL ACCESS - Quiz Night Thursday!

Last thursday night, I was invited to join Quiz Night. Quiz Night is a trivia event where people or groups of people would participate in a quiz bee of sorts to win prizes and stuff but mostly just to have a good time.

This was our group:

So how does it work? There are 8 categories. The host asks a series of questions based on the categories. Whichever group gets it right gets corresponding points. At the end of the night, the group with the highest number of points win. Easy right?

Well, it depends on the categories. There were questions about sports which I know nothing about and TV shows which were beyond my years so those parts were a bit challenging to me. But you participate as a group. So if you have someone who's an old soul or a sports fanatic, it would be quite easy and so much fun (because winning is so much fun!)

Each round, the highest scoring team for that round wins a reward, it would sometimes be a bottle of Hennessy or a Black Label or one of the sweetest prizes for that night was a Mitu Powerbanks from The Lot PH. Check them out here

Now of course; there were instances of a tie.It was beer chugging time for those groups who scored the number of points

There were even instances where there were more than two groups who had ti chug down beers. Proof how competitive each group were

      There were total of eleven groups (including the bloggers table). Each had a team name and their total scores were tallied in this sheet:

After 8 grueling rounds of trivia questions, beer chugging and whatnots, The Hat Madders emerged victorious! 
           Our group really tried our best to answer the best that we could. It was the first Quiz Night for all of us and I guess we were quite unprepared for it. See how we did below:
Ok our group fought really hard. We really tried our best to answer to the best of our abilities but sadly our efforts were in vain. haha. We were losers that night but we might be losers (in terms of scores) we had so much fun at least.(But again, winning is much more fun! Contests like this brings out my competitive side. hehe)

I had so much fun and I'm looking forward to the next Quiz Night!


  1. Nice meeting you Justin! :) Thanks for the great night :)


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