SPOONFUL - Cyrano Blends Beer and Wine

Operating for more than ten years now, it is with question that Cyrano Wine Shop knows what they are doing. Their wine selections are excellent, proof that they are probably the best wine shop in town.
Photo from cyranofriends.wordpress.com


So it is also without question that when they came about the idea of blending beer and wine together, they are the ones who could do it, and they did so perfectly.

You might ask why blend beer and wine together? Cyrano's aim is to introduced wine drinking into the everyday life of Filipinos. Filipino cuisine is comparable to European cuisine and if they can eat everything with wine, why can't we?

But since, we, Filipinos are hevy beer drinkers, Cyrano has thought of incorporating wine into the drink that we are most familiar with, hence, the beer blended wine.

It comes also in red and white and is available by the carafe.


It was fun to be a sommelier, even if just for one night:) Thanks to Zing rewards! I'm sure to be coming back for more of this amazing wine blends