SPOONFUL - Lovin' Love Desserts!

Would you like to feast on a scrumptious buffet of eat all you can desserts? Why not visit Love Desserts' newest branch in Pearl Drive, Fairview? Yes, the famed dessert restaurant in Banawe has opened a much bigger branch in Fairview and I was lucky enough to be able to try their offerings


The first thing I noticed that is nice in this branch is the bigger parking space in Pearl Drive and how easy it is to find. Yes, Fairview is a bit far but it's just along Commonwealth Ave. a few minutes drive from Philcoa and you're already in Pearl Drive.

Also, this is a bigger branch so it means more seating capacity, more people can enjoy.

It also has a lovely interior that would make a customer feel at home.

The buffet table is filled to the brim with desserts. Also, they replenish fast enough so that the table always look full.

They also have a whole chest freezer specialy for ice cream! Another reason for me to love this place!

See that table? it's laden with desserts of every kind!

They also have a halo-halo station where you can make your own halo halo

Here is a sample of their menu. They also sell their delicious cakes by slice or as a whole if you can't have the buffet. And they also serve sandwiches and rice meals!

Now let's get to my favorite part: The desserts! I cannot deny that I have a sweet tooth. When my mom was pregnant with me, she was craving for ice cream. Must be the reason why I love ice cream so much and even though I am full, I could still eat ice cream.

A must try. This is called choco leche, It's a chocolate brownie topped with leche flan. Two desserts in one? Bingo!

I am partial to anything caramel. So when I saw this huge cream puffs with caramel glaze, I was really happy. It was crisp on the outside yet creamy on the inside.

These shooters are amazing, The blueberry jelly shooters are the perfect tartness to the sweet caramel cheesecake shooters.

Eclairs! Yummy!
This yema cake is the perfect blend of sweetness from the yema and saltiness of the cheese. Plus the fluffy chiffon is to die for!

Rainbow brownies! You can never go wrong with these!

This rainbow cake was almost look to pretty to eat but that did not stop me. hehe

Yummy coconut macaroons!

One of the best dulce de leches that I have tried!!

My personal favorite though is the empanadas! Dough was flaky and filling was delicious!

Another must try is their homemade nachos!

For those who like something more pinoy, they also serve palitaw and other Filipino delicacies

And they serve sandwiches too for those who like to eat first a proper meal before indulging in desserts

Their milkshakes certainly will bring not just boys to their yard.

They also have a crepe station where you can ask to personalize your crepe

We had a blueberry and peach crepe

I tasted everything they had to offer and I was in food coma after! It was delicious and all desserts are of high quality! This is something worth going to. It may be a bit far for me since I live in the east but fortunate are you North people! If I am sad, this is one place that I would definitely go to!

Love Desserts Fairview is located at Pearl Drive Commercial Center along Commonwealth Ave.
Buffet cost is only at Php 199!!

Thank you Love Desserts for having me!


  1. how to get there? from robinson galleria

    1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. From Robinson's Galleria, ride a bus to Fairview and get off at Pearl Drive.


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