ROAD TRIP - Playing in Pangil Eco Park

A mere few hours from Manila, Pangil River Ecopark is a hidden gem in Laguna. Coursed along the banks of said river, it has become a tourist attraction for families who wish to enjoy a picnic alongside the cascading waters of the river.

Or one could also enjoy trekking upriver to see and bathe in Ambon-ambon falls. A 25-minute trek that includes walking on boulders, makeshift bamboo bridges, and 3 raft rides.

The trail is already paved with stones so it is not that difficult to trek.

Yes. Water is crystal clear.

One of the "mini falls" you'd see on the trek.

There's also a point in the trek where there's srping water flowing from the side of rock. Our tour guide said it was potable. So here's my sister trying it out.

My mom and sister enjoying the balsa ride

Trek was a bit challenging, but there are tour guides that will take you through the trail and to the waterfalls. It's quite safe since they also provide lifejackets for each person before going through the trail. 
But the trek is worth it. The falls is not that big, but it's hidden in a cove, which kinda makes the water cooler than most waterfalls and the place feel more untouched by civilization. I half expected sprites and water nymphs to jump out in some parts of the river. 

Tourists enjoying the cool waters of Ambon-ambon falls

Me on the "mini falls" one the side cave.
Such a spectacular view from the side of the falls. This is why I love nature.

Water tubing is also available for those who seek added risk in their adventure. However, the waters were not as deep when we were there and current was not that strong, so it was impossible to do it. 

Barkong Bato is the starting point of the water tubing and then heads down river.

I spent a day with my family, trekking to the falls, playing in the river and it was such a nice break from all the stress of the city life. The sound of the river, the chirping of birds and insects in the ecopark is just the relaxation one needs.