ROADTRIP - Gourmet Tour at Gourmet Farms

Last week, I was invited for a tour of Gourmet Farms and their organic farm and facility in Silang, Cavite. It was my first time in an organic farm and I was pretty excited to see what it was like.
I did a little research about Gourmet Farms and according to their website, they are operating for almost three decades and they are one of the top producers of coffee in the country. But aside from coffee, they also produce an array of herbs and vegetables that are supplied to various restaurants and hotels.

So, there I was, one Wednesday morning, on the road to see what Gourmet Farms is like. Read on to see more:

The tour started on Gourmet's Cafe and Country Store which offers breakfast and freshly baked breads. They also sell here their products such as their coffee blends, sauces and dips, fresh produce and potted herbs.

We were welcomed by their signature lemonade which is by far the best tasting lemonade I've ever tasted. It was perfect for the hot weather. It was zesty yet very cool.

Also on the cafe is a sampler table in which you could try and taste their signature dips and sauces and their lettuce and pesto chips. 

On the way to the tour, we passed by this area which houses their pet bear cat.
We also passed by a Castanas tree. Up to that day, I haven't seen a chestnut tree and I don't know where chestnuts came from. Lol

We sidetracked to St. Joseph's Sanctuary; a place in the farm that is dedicated for meditation and reflection. They also offer the place for small retreats and reflection groups.

One of the most beautiful reflection places I've been. You can really feel the serenity and calmness of the place.

I noticed that there were a lot of these flowers called Dancing Ladies. They said it was planted because it wards off insects. They don't use pesticides on the farm and these insect-repelling plants are what keeps harmful insects at bay.

There was a pond at the sanctuary that houses quackless ducks. Yes, quackless because they don't make a lot of noise. Which was perfect for the sanctuary to keep it calm and serene.

On the way to the chapel, there were two trees that intertwined to form a canopy.

The chapel was shaped like an octagon to represent the eight beatitudes.



We left the sanctuary and it opened up to farm. It was just rows and rows of fresh produce! It waslike I was in Farmville!
 Those rows of fresh lettuce are so beautiful.

There were also rows of herb bushes grown on the farm. It was the first time I've seen herbs on the ground and not in a plastic bag. 




They also have other varieties of lettuce such as Arugula, Lollo Rossa and Red Sails
 Look at those tarragon bushes! 
We also walked to their compost pit area. They showed us that they use natural fertilizers on their vegetables, proof that their produce are really organic.

They use African Nightcrawlers for their compost pits
We also visited their herb nursery where they house the young herb plants before it was planted on the farm ground. These are peppermints.
They also have basils and tarragons.

They also have a coffee roasting facility where their coffee beans are roasted and ground into their coffee blends.
 I did not took pictures of the facility but I do know that they are FSSC certified which means, they strictly follow food safety procedures to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

We headed back to The Dining Room, the restaurant of the farm where they serve dishes using their fresh produce. But more of that on the next post.
I had so much fun and I've learned so much about organic farming on this tour! 

The Farm is open for tours. So if you want to have a field trip for students or even just for farming and/or agricultural enthusiasts, you can do so.

 You may contact Gourmet Farms through their hotlines:
(02) 757-3001 loc. 404/405
(02) 843-8335 
(02) 757-5025