PIECES OF ME - Adventure is Out There

I love going on adventures. I have always believe that life should be series of adventures that one must have or experience. Doing something new or exciting is probably one of the best ways to enjoy life. So that's what I do.

A few weeks ago, I went to La Union with my family to surf. We're not really surfers but we've done it before in Baler and we enjoyed it so much. This time, we wanted to up our game a little and try for a bit more danger. Waves in La Union are more treacherous (higher waves, stronger undercurrents) so it was a bit more challenging.

Check out the video I made of me and my sister's surfing:

Hahaha. We may actually fell down more than we'd surf but hey we had fun and that's what is important. And adventures really need not be something extravagant or expensive. It may be surfing or any other extreme sport. Or visiting your local museum or strolling in a park you haven't been in.As long as you get to have fun, it's exciting and you get new experience. 

I remember a line from the movie Disney movie "Up" Adventure is out there! And yes, adventure is just out there, it's just waiting for us to try it.