SPOONFUL - Vamos a Hermanos

Hermanos Taco Shop, Experience Authentic Mexican Food

Looking for tacos that's so good you'll think that you're in an authentic taverna? How about satisfying that Mexican flavor food craving? Look no further formyou can satisfy both cravings in Hermanos Taco Shop located along Granada St. in Quezon City.

Hermanos Taco Shop has been in the food business for some years now and is still recognized as on of those who offers real Mexican flavor. Which is why they are part of  the 2014  Manila's Best Kept Restaurants secret - a bi-annual event since 2008.  It is a Mexican restaurant serving quality and authentic mexican dishes. "Hermanos", Spanish for brothers and sisters, was conceptualized by secen siblings (Mora Family). Stepfather Oscar Rodriguez, who happens  to be a Mexican chef decided to put up the business with them, right here in Manila. "Taco Shop", in Spanish, "Taqueria" is used to refer to restaurants specializing in burritos and tacos, although other dishes are often served as well. Hermanos Taco Shop not only serves tacos, but also burritos, quesadillas, tamales, menudo and other Mexican staples.

First branch opened in August 2010. Open from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm, Hermanos Taco Shop is located at #27 Granada Ave., cor. Jose Vera St. quezon City. And their branch is at Molito, Madrigal Ave. cor. Commerce Ave. Alabang. From tacos to burritos, nachos to enchilada, they have something that would satisfy your Mexican food craving.

With ingredients used that is true to the original taste, Hermanos Taco Shop is definitely a place that will bring your dining experience to a whole new level. Should you wish to adjust the spice level to your liking, you may tell it as you order. One thing is definite; eat it freshly setved to enjoy the rich flavors placed on each dish being served out.

I was invited to try Hermanos Taco Shop's signature authentic Mexican food last week and it was amazing. I've eaten at Mexican restaurants but this was just on point. Read more as I run through what  the guys at Hermanos showcased us:

Nachos with guacamole
They don't use ground beef for their nachos, not like what is commonly used. Rather, they use sirloin strips cut into small pieces. Plus the salsa was really tasty. Everybpiece you get is jampacked with amazing flavors.

Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken is still juicy inside the warm soft tortilla. Plus with their signature salsa. Perfect!

Rolled Tacos
Tortilla wrapped beef/chicken, deep fried and topped with cheese, veggies and guacamole. Need I say more?

One of the most filling dishes served to us. The enchiladas was delicious and partnered with the bean dip and rice.

 Yes. A deep fried burrito. You'd think a burrito is enough, but deep fry it and hey! You got a chimichangga! Check how beautiful that inside is!

Cheesy and spicy tamales! It was just so good! The best way to eat it is to scoop all that cheese sauce and smother it in the tamales. Yum!

Fish Tacos
Crisp and juicy fish fillet. Soft warm torilla. What would you need more? Oh yeah the roasted salsa. 

You saw how beautiful the chimichangga looked right? Check out its parent.  Oh yeah.

Mexican Menudo
Mexican menudo is very different from the pinoy version. Ours was like pork stew with liver and carrots.  The Mexican version is more of a soup made with tripe and a dried chili broth. Thebtaste is somehwhat similar to our pinapaitan but spicier and less bitter. It's a very comforting dish; something you'd like to eat on a chilly day. Probably one of the best comfort food of Mexico.

Cheese Quesadilla
Every bite is oozing with melted cheese. And to dip it with the salsa is just heaven!

Hermanos Taco Shop also serve desserts such as:

Cinnamon crisps
Deep fried pastry crisps sprinkled with cinnamon powder and served with caramel sauce

Schue pastry with cinnamon and also served with caramel sauce.
I adore caramel and this is just perfect. The cinnamon in the churros is a perfect contrast to the sweet caramel sauce.

They also serve beer that goes perfectly well with the rich flavors of the Mexican food.

The best thing about the food is that everything is flavorful. Every ingredient is tasty. Mexican food has lots of ingredients and components and everything should taste good to produce a wonderful dish. And that's what the people at Hermanos Taco Shop got right: every ingredient and component tastes so good, you'd get the best tasting Mexican food.