Last June 30, The Palace Pool Club at Uptown, BGC was painted black. Not with actual paint but with the cool, collected and suave vibe of Axe Black. Fabio Ide, model, actor and bar owner, was master painter that night. Together with Axe Black and his team, Fabio turned the Palace Pool Club into a real gentleman's hangout spot.

The dashing Fabio Ide, ready to paint the town black. (Photo credit: The Big Difference Communications)

The Palace Pool Club was the perfect spot to launch Axe Black. The cool vibe brought by the pool and  adds a bit of sophisticated fun to the event.

Fabio Ide, getting the party started...

Fabio and his team: Alex Habaluyas, Sam Yg, Marie Shindo and Franco Saycon

The Men ( not boys!) are out that night! DJ Sam YG raises his glass to an awesome party!

There were different bar stations that night, a beer bar, a tequila bar, a champagne bar and a whiskey bar. Perfect for each one's drinking needs. (Photo credit: The Big Difference Communications)

There were also different Axe Rooms such as the Cigar Room where guests were given free cigars 

And an Atelier courtesy of The Man on The Streets. There was also a Haberdashery Room where guests were treated to free haircuts/ shave.

The crowd in black. Guests enjoyed the poolside lounge

Free cocktails!

Fun night! (Photo credit: The Big Difference Communications)

It was a night of cool, collected and suave fun. The kind of fun a true Axe gentleman would really enjoy. Thanks to Fabio Ide and The Big Difference Communications for inviting me.