I look outside and see the year that has gone by
A year filled with memories that will forever be in my heart and mind
A lot has happened, a lot has changed
A lot has been done, a lot has been said
And none of it I regret
I look outside and see where I am now
Looking at the fruits of my labor
And thinking how well I have done, how good I have been
I see the results of hard work and kindness
And I am proud of it
I look outside and see the future for me
And I see things that I haven't seen before
I see dark skies and rays of light
And I wonder what would be more?
A cloudy day or a starry night?
But maybe it's time for me to not just look but step outside
And see the world as it should be
It's time for me to not just wonder about things 
But to step out and live
And create that wonderful life for me

Thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday:) You have always made this day extra special for me and I love you all for it 😘😘😘😘😘