ROADTRIP - The Chateau Hestia Magical Experience (Part 2)

This is in continuation of the previous post. But this time, I'll be sharing about the accommodations and amenities of Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant. 

Aside from the delicious food Chateau Hestia has to offer, they also have Bed and Breakfast accomodations that would truly make the experience worthwhile. 

The luscious gardens of Chateau Hestia leads to the "Casitas" which are unique in design and really cozy.

First stop is the Sampaguita Casita (where I stayed for the night)
The Sampaguita Casita hasa plush king-sized, 4 poster bed. It also has an alcove which could be a lounging area or an extra bed. The Sampaguita Casita also has a jacuzzi. The bathroom also opens up to a small garden at the back. The Sampaguita Casita is an exquisite room. The comfy bed and the fresh air that breezes through the windows are enough to make one's sleep very relaxing. The alcove is a nice place to lounge with a view of the garden at the back.

The Sampaguita Casita (Php 5,950/night)

A few steps down and you'll reach the Capiz Casita
The Capiz Casita is a mix of modern and nature inspired home. The modern bathroom that opens up to a pocket garden is nice feature. The 4 poster Tuscan bed is very comfortable and it also has large airy capiz shells windows.

The Capiz Casita (Php 5,150)
Beside it is the Bamboo Casita. The bamboo flooring of the casita and the specially designed cross ventilation system gives a nice cool breeze to the whole room. It make's one stay very relaxing and comfortable.

A few meters away from the casitas is this bench which leads to three ways: back to the restaurant, to the casitas and to the Loft cottage

The Loft cottage is a two floor room. The bathroom is downstairs and it has a spiral staircase leading to the queen size bed.

The European furniture of the Loft is from the Biedermeier era of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.
The Loft Cottage (Php 3,500)

The back part of the garden leads to a playground with a beautiful clearing. If not for the mud and the rain, I would have run around and played on it. (haha)
Beside it is Casa Carmen, an exquisite 18th Century Filipino House. It was grand and is situated at the far back side of the premises so it's more quiet and peaceful.
The stained glass windows on the Casa adds colors to the neutral ancestral type windows. The Casa Carmen also has its own kitchen and steam bath.

It has a plush king size bed and a sofa that could also serve as a day bed. the Casa Carmen also has a balcony at the back overlooking the forest side of Chateau Hestia.

Casa Carmen (Php 8,000)

Beside Casa Carmen is the Garden Cottage. Much like Casa Carmen, The Garden Cottage is a Filipino heritage room, only a bit smaller.

The Garden Cottage has a queen size bed and a modern bath. The windows are overlooking the beautiful garden in front of the Casa.
Garden Cottage (Php 5,000)

Aside from the Al fresco and the garden area, Chateau Hestia also has a second floor events venue perfect for wedding receptions, corporate events and other celebrations. Located above the restaurant, the second floor venue can able to sit up to 100 persons.

Chateau Hestia's intimate and quaint surroundings adds magic to the experience. The lush greens and the wonderful sounds of nature is just perfect for that much needed getaway.

"Hestia shook her head. "I am here because when all else fails, when all the mighty gods have gone off to war, I am all that's left. Home. Hearth." -Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian

The story of the greek goddess Hestia is quite unique. She gave up her place as as one of the 12 gods of Olympus for Dionysus. It caused an imbalance as there became seven gods and five goddesses. But Hestia did not complain and willingly gave up her place to avoid a civil war among the gods. Hestia, being the goddess of hearth, represents home and a true home is where love and family is most important. This  is what Chateau Hestia made us feel. That we, their guests, are important to them and they gave us quality and deluxe service. It was like they are taking care of their own family. This was why our stay at Chateau Hestia was magical.

Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant is located at J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite
For inquiries call 0929-711-3289
Visit their website at