SPOONFUL - Braised Pork Roulade in Tomato Sauce

A few days back, I bought pork cutlets that I was suppose to use to make homemade tocino. But I couldn't find curing salt in my local grocery. I don't have the time to go to a supplier to buy some. So, I had to find something else to do with that pork cutlet. 

I made this recipe using common ingredients found at home. Also, I know there are times when we don't know what to cook and just look in the freezer and think of anything we could do withnwhatever we find. This is probably something anyone could do if ever theynfind pork cutlets in their freezer and have no idea what to do with them

Braising is a combination of dry heat and moist heat cooking method. It involves browning and searing of the meat and boiling it with stock until it reduces to a sauce. It is one of the most common techniques in cooking and is usually applied to tough cuts of meat. The pork cutlets are not that tough but since it will be rolled with filling, it would take a little bit longer time to cook.

Here are the ingredients:

Pork cutlets
Hard boiled eggs, sliced into 6 pieces
Cheddar cheese
Pickle relish
Garlic, minced
Tomato sauce
Brown stock

1. Layer the pork cutlets on a board. Overlap the top of each piece.
2. Spread some pickle relish on one side.
3. Add about 3 slices of egg on top of the relish.
4. Add slices of cheese with the egg. 
5. Roll the side with the filling, inwards until younreach the other side.
6. Secure with kitchen twine.
7. In a pan, heat some oil and sweat the garlic and onions
8. Brown the roulade in the pan. When all sides are browned, remove roulade and set aside.
9. Deglaze the pan with some stock. Add the tomato sauce
10. Place back the roulade into the pan and add some more stock until half of the roulade is submerged.
11. Reduce the stock until it thickens into a sauce.
12. Remove twine before serving.

Make sure twine is tied tightly. It might come loose when cooking and open up the roulade.
You can also vary the filling. I suggest adding some sausages or chorizo.

Happy cooking!