SPOONFUL- The Chateau Hestia Magical Experience (Part 1)

If you're looking for the perfect place for a private, intimate and relaxed gathering or you want a place where your family and friends could come together and celebrate life over excellent home-cooked meals, why not visit Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant and Deli in Silang, Cavite where a magical European dining experience awaits.
I was invited by the restaurant to try their July offerings and their Bed and Breakfast accommodations. It was truly a magical experience as each dish was very delicious and flavorful and our stay was every bit comfortable and relaxing. I'll be telling you first about the restaurant and their amazing dishes and all that the restaurant offers..

Chateau Hestia is a quaint restaurant that specializes in European cuisine. Founded by Austrian national Johannes Zehethofer in 2008, Chateau Hestia offers classic European dishes and modern interpretations of such, capitalizing on both local and European ingredients.

We got to the restaurant in the evening and we were ushered into a beautiful pathway that led to this cozy nook outside the restaurant. Notice the German sign on the doorway. It adds an European feel to the native inspired garden.

The sitting room inside also looks very cozy and homey. Now I wouldn't mind waiting for my table if the waiting area is this pretty.

To the left of the restaurant is the Deli shop where different types of wines and gourmet deli is being sold.

They also have other imported European snacks that guests could buy

They also sell different types of cheese, preserves and cold cuts in the deli shop.

They also sell different types of home made bread.

We went to the dining area where every table is adorned with beautiful fresh flowers.

Our host, Chef Natalia Moran is the Executive Chef of the restaurant. She studied in Culinary As in Florence, Italy and was also a graduate of HRIM from the University of the Philippines. She also spearheads Spicebird in Boracay and also works at Gruppo Il Piccino. 
Here she is, explaining the set menus for that night.

We were served freshly baked bread with malunggay pesto. According to Chef Nat, while most dishes are European, she still likes to add a Filipino twist to some like the use of malunggay leaves for here pesto. Much like the whole inn, where the European theme is laced with Filipino inspirations.

We were also served a variety of sausages such as currywurst, bockworst, wienerwurst and weisswurst.

We were also served different types of cheese such as the Truffle Pecorino, Smoked Cheese, Appenzeller and Ramandolo. I liked the Ramandolo the most (probably because I like soft cheeses more) because of the sweet fruity taste. 

Their set menu changes every month. For July their menu includes a hearty pumpkin soup.
For the main course, you can choose between a lamb ravioli with mint sauce, feta cheese and tomato-lamb au jus,

or the Australian flank steak with red wine plum sauce, served with corn and chick pea cake

For the dessert, they have Apple Streudel which has a very flaky crust and warm apple-cinnamon compote. The powdered sugar just adds a kick of sweetness to tart flavor of the apples. 
The set menu also comes with a glass of wine (of your choice, or you can ask what would go well with your food). We stayed a bit longer as we finish our wine and headed on to our Casitas to relax. (detials on the Casitas and accomodations on the next post).

The set menu costs Php 850 per person.

The next morning, we headed on to breakfast, ready to eat our way to Chateau Hestia's breakfast offerings. The night before though, they already took our orders so we won't have to wait long for our food.

We were greeted by the smell of warm toasted bread as we went back to the restaurant. The bread was served with an assortment of spreads such as coconut jam, apricot jam and pineapple curd.
Here are some of the breakfast that we ordered:

Fresh fruit platter

Hestia Pancakes with honey

Croquet sandwich with garden salad

Sausage and eggs platter

Bacon and eggs platter.

Chateau Hestia also affers Al Fresco dining. With it luscious gardens, it would be unwise not to opt for it. 

 We went on a tour of the whole lot since we didn't had the time to do that the night before. After a tour of the whole area and the nearby farms, we headed in to al fresco area for our lunch.

For our lunch, Chateau Hestia served us their best sellers and boy, did they deliver! The dinner and the breakfast was excellent but their best sellers were not called best sellers for nothing. It was amazing and the food was exquisite.
We had their signature Hestia Garden Salad, which has lettuce, microgreens and edible flowers, nuts, mangoes and greek yogurt and Palawan honey vinaigrette 

Wewere also served an Australian Pure Angus Striploin with radicchio chips and potato gratin. It was juicy and tasty. The cook on the meat was perfect. The radicchio chips was crispy and goes perfectly well with the steak.

Kummelbraten, a Viennese style pork belly with bread pudding and sauerkraut. The pork belly was delicious. The skin was crispy and the fat was not too thick.

Baked Salmon and sauteed shrimps, Lemon crsuted salmon with potato gnocchi and shrimps and vegetables. The shrimp was crispy on the outside but still very juicy once you slice it. The gnocchi was delicious and flavorful. This dish is comfort food at its finest.

Fried Pumpkin Chicken, pumpkin butter-filled chicken, fried to a golden brown, with mushroom sauce and scallop potatoes. This is heaven on a plate. It was amazing to see the pumpkin butter drizzle out when you slice through the chicken and mix  with the mushroom sauce. It was rich and creamy and tasty. The chicken is still very juicy and the outside was crispy.

They also have desserts such as the Love Triangle which is a trio of Chocolate mousse, Mango Napoleon and Panna Cotta with passion fruit jam. The jam is made from their own passion fruit vines located in the garden.

The vegetables Chateau Hestia uses for their dishes are always fresh and organic. They are very lucky ot have organic farms nearby such as Malipayon Farms to supply them with fresh vegetables, microgreen and edible flowers.

Chateau Hestia also offers pizza making. It's a fun activity, especially for kids, because you'll get to make your own food.

Here we are as Chef Nat demonstrates on how to make our own pizza dough

I was so focused on my task. LOL

Here is one of our finished products

We were also taught how to make fresh pasta, the pasta we made was turned into this delicious Baked Spinach and Mushroom Canneloni
It was fun to make your own dish. Not only do you learn how to make your own pizza dough and pasta, you'd also get to appreciate the hard work a chef/cook does for a dish to be delicious and presentable.

A little surprise!
It was my birthday a week after we went to Chateau Hestia and the restaurant suprise me at lunch with a small birthday cake. It was very touching and very sweet of them to celebrate my birthday. I already had so much fun on my stay there and the cake was just the cherry on top. 
The Big Difference crew

Chateau Hestia is really one of the best places a person could celebrate their birthday. Not only is the place beautiful and the food delicious but you'd really feel at home. I think that's the magic that Chateau Hestia brings; it's not just the ambiance and the food, it's the warm service and hospitality that the people of Chateau Hestia brings to their guest. It would just make you feel right at home.

Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant and Deli Shop is located at J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite
They are open from 9AM - 10PM Daily
For reservations visit their website at www.chateauhestia.com or call 0929-711-3289

Stay tuned for the part 2 of this magical experience!


  1. Love it! it seems like a 80s - 90s experience, it has that glow :)

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  2. what a nice place, and they serve delicious looking foods ha. :)

    1. The food is really delicious! It matches how nice the place is

  3. Such a nice, peaceful and relaxing place. I love that they are selling cheese ♥

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  4. wow, you gave me an idea for my next relaxation escape!


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