SPOONFUL - Rellenong Pusit

The Philippine seas are really abundant with great tasting seafood. We are probably one of the best sources for fresh seafood in the world. 

A few weeks ago, my dad brought home fresh squids that he himself caught! It wasn't the first time that he brought home some but mostly we cooked it adobo style . We don't want it to stay in the freezer for a long time since it wouldn't be as flavorful when cooked.

 But my dad broguht home some really big ones that time and it looked perfect for grilling and stuffing. So that's what I did. Here is my recipe for Rellenong Pusit:

Ground pork
Onions, minced
Garlic, minced
Bell pepper, diced
Coriander leaves
Oyster sauce
Pepper, black, ground

Render fat off the ground pork, set aside
Saute, onions and garlic in rendered fat
Add ground pork
Add diced bell pepper
Add oyster sauce
Add coriander leaves
Season with salt and pepper
Set aside

Clean squid.
Remove cartilage and ink sac.
Stuff with sauteed filling and seal with toothpick

Heat grill until very hot
Grill stuffed squid until grill marks appear and all sides are cooked
Serve with soysauce and calamansi dip

It's that easy! 

Don't stuff the squid too full. The squid will shrink upon cooking and if it's too full, the filling might burst.
Make sure the grill is very hot. Too low heat will require to cook the squid longer, making it rubbery.
Make sure the filling is flavorful and tasty. Sure the fresh squid will give off natural flavors but you don't want the filling to be bland either.

Happy cooking!