PIECES OF ME - Bluedevil in KL: Malaysian Diaries Entry#1

It's been a week since I've started my internship here in Kuala Lumpur and I must say that living abroad is a bit like the first day in class.

Let me tell you why:

1.Everyone is new
You don't know anyone. Everyone you meet is a new face and you're the new kid in the playground.

2. Going around is like getting lost on your way to Math class.
Going around the city is like getting lost in an unfamiliar school building. People would come and go and no one would stop to help you get to the right class.

3. Finding places to eat is like having lunch at the cafeteria for the first time.
Trying out the local cuisine is like trying out the cafeteria food. You'll never knew if you'll like it and you're worried what it might taste like.

4. Meeting your boss is like meeting your teachers for the first time.
Your new teacher might be someone you'd really be scared of or someone who you'll found out gives his students difficult tasks. It's the classic case of terror teacher all over again.

5. Traveling is like riding the school bus with loads of students.

Riding the public transport feels like riding the school bus. You don't know where to sit and people knew it's your first time because you'd be looking outside all the time waiting for your stop.

But the good thing with the first day of class is it's just the first day. You'd still have the rest of the school year to turn any negative first impressions into. And yeah, I also have a whole more year to turn every bad, first time experience into a beautiful, long lasting memory.


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