PIECES OF ME - Chronic Cyclical Anticipatory Motion Discomfort

A few hours from now, I'll be at the airport, probably checking in my luggage or waiting in line to do so. I'd probably be then waiting for my flight number to be called or worst case scenario, listening as they announce that my flight will be delayed. Then when the time comes, I'll be boarding the plane and then it'll take off and suddenly, I'm off to a new adventure.

That's probably what's gonna happen a few hours from now. 

I don't know why or how but I always don't feel good when travelling. Not that I don't like going to a different place or a new one because I love travelling. But I always feel queesy whenever I leave. It's like I can't sleep properly or sometimes my stomach or head would hurt when I think about leaving. There are times when I would pack my things minutes before leaving because I was too stressed thinking about what to bring. I'd pack them while rushing which would make me feel stressed more. 

Though I really love going out and going to different places. I love discovering new places and exploring and learning. I guess, it's the preparation and the thought of leaving or what might would happen that makes me feel uneasy. 

"Mr. Sweeny has chrinic cyclical anticipatory motion discomfort," he said. "Is that catching?" To his suprise, his mother threw back her head and laughed.  "It's just a pretentious way of saying that he always feels sick before he travels, " - Anne Lindbergh, The People in Pineapple Place

In one of my favorite books, The People in Pineapple Place, was a character named Mr. Sweeny, who in fear of their street being bombed in World War 2, by some means, moved the entire neighborhood and has been moving them ever since. Yet he says he suffers from chronic cyclical anticipatory motion discomfort.

I remembered this part of the book when I realized that I do feel poorly before I travel. Maybe I have  chronic cyclical anticipatory motion discomfort, I don't know. I tried researching about it but to no avail. I guess it's just a psychosomatic disease or probably a made up term.

In the book though, Mr. Sweeny meets August Brown, a ten year old boy who found the whole street on his own. He befriended the whole street including the irate Mr. Sweeny. Towards the end if the story, August gave Mr. Sweeny a compass as a parting gift. Mr. Sweeny then asks what city they would reach if they traveled to where the compass points to at that moment. August points them to Chicago.
I really liked how August befriended everyone including the strict old man. How he winned him over by giving him a compass and pointing them to a city that they would travel next too. 

Kind of how I feel right now.

I think I am feeling a bit like Mr. Sweeny now. Uneasy about travelling yet loves to travel. I'm about to embark on the biggest adventure yet and I really can't help but feel uneasy about it. I know I can take care of myself and nothingbad would happen to me but I just can't help but feel poorly. And who is my August Brown? My family and friends of course! They have given me so much encouragement that I can clearly see where I'm headed, finishing my goals! I know that they support me all the way and somehow, the uneasy feeling wears off. Knowing that I have great people backing me up on this journey somehow relieves me of all the stress and fears that I have. I, somehow, feel better. Just like how August made Mr, Sweeny felt better about their next destination.

So yeah. A few hours from now, I'd be at the airport. Waiting for my boarding time. But with anticipatory motion discomfort or not, I know I'll have my August Brown with me:)


  1. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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