SPOONFUL - Mangga, Mangga, Hinog Ka Na Ba?

A few weeks ago, my sister brought home mangoes from Guimaras. It's probably the sweetest and  most delicious mangoes I've ever had. I am quite a picky eater and I only eat fresh mangoes. I don't like it in salads, dressings or anything that involves processing the fruit (except maybe, dried mangoes). So I was really happy to eat the best mangoes I've ever had.

I decided to save the seeds and plant them so that in a few years, I could probably have a mango tree that would produce such sweet fruits. It would be quite rewarding to have grown your own tree and reap fresh mangoes that you'd really enjoy. 

My sister read somewhere about mango trees are only grown by grafting or at least most mango trees are. It was quite difficult to grow mango tress from the seeds because it takes so much time that it would not be economical for farmers. But still, somehow, growing a tree from a seed is possible and that's what challenged me to try and plant the seeds.

It was such a long process. First( and the best part) is to eat the mango until you reach the hull. Haha. The hull is what remains after eating all the mango pulp. I washed the hull to remove excess pulp and dried it for a few days. After a few days, the hull will dry and it can be pried open to reveal the seed. It looks like a big kidney bean and this is what will be germinated and then planted.

How did I germinate the seed?
I placed it in moist paper towel and put it inside a ziplock bag. 

I had to change the paper towel at least once a week. Since the paper towel acts as a substrate for the seed, I had to make sure the source of nutrient for the seed is clean. After a few weeks the seed turned green and after a few more weeks, there were already sprouts and roots on the seed. Some even have leaves on it already! 

I am so excited that the mango I was eating a few weeks back is now this little seedling. I already planted it in soil and hoping that it adapts well to it. I know it gets harder since the plant will no longer be in the protection of the plastic bag and it would need more care.It's already out in the world and I am just so excited for it to become a magnificent tree.

I feel so proud to have taken care of such thing. I feel like a parent to my baby plants. Haha. Also, I know that when this grows into a tree, it could help in spreading the goodness of the Philippine mango, which is one of the best in the world. 

I can't wait for my baby plant to grow!


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